Beach Volleyball

An all-time favorite, G2O has made sure to include a volleyball court within its premises. The allure of beach volleyball is enjoying the sunshine and being out in the fresh air; the perfect team sport for those who love the seaside but don’t just want to lie on a towel all day. Not only is beach volleyball fun, it is a full body workout that requires extra effort because of the uneven sand court. A fun and addictive game that certainly does not feel like working out, beach volleyball burns extra calories and builds your core strength without you even realizing it!

Another surprise is G2O has turned an all-time popular sport into an even more fun experience. Play tennis the way it was meant to be played; rather than falling on gravel, serve and skid on fine sand. Beach tennis, a merge of tennis and volleyball, appeals to everyone, athletes and amateurs alike, as it can be played competitively or recreationally. The rush and fun of tennis combined with the beach and sun creates one hot action-packed game. Game, set, match!

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